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Every puppy needs love and a place to call home. Fostering is not a permanent arrangement, however, the experience is priceless. Not only will you be able to help a dog in need,  you will be giving them an authentic experience in a home! Additionally, you will also be helping our organization continue grow and rescue more "at risk" dogs! The more dogs in foster homes, the more room in rescue has to help endangered puppies and dogs.

At Nauti Dawg Rescue, we aim to make fostering as simple as possible, by supplying fosters with all necessary supplies like food, puppy pads, bowls, pens/kennels, etc.  We  provide everything so our fosters are able to focus on loving and caring for our furry friends.

a puppy from our rescue, Helga's litter

Rescue puppy, Ida

What We Provide

  • Supplies (kennel, food, puppy pads, etc.)

  • All necessary vet care*

  • Assistance with any questions or concerns

  • The authority to make the final decision on your foster's potential adopters


What We Require

  • Attend Adoption Events 

  • Socialize your foster

  • Teach basic manners 

  • Share your foster on your social media 

  • Help them feel like part of a family

*Please refer to the foster handbook for information regarding medical emergencies*

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